Thursday, 5 May 2011

Ultimate Image

For my Business Class we had to create an ultimate image which i didnt understand what it was so i first took a guess and i created this image.

Car Model

Another project of mine was creating a post apocalyptic vehicle, I chose this because i wanted a chance to create a vehicle with props as well as a good chance to develop my texture skill and my new found poly painting skills.

Since i started to use zbrush for The Alien Character i thought i'd use it for the car so i can get great detail such as dents, scratches and ware and tare.

With using poly paint its was much easier to see the texture on the model just to see if it looked good and effective, which im happy with the results.


This is my first time polypainting and i enjoy texturing this way because you can make the textures seamless and have detail exactly where you want it, which made my job easier.

Zbrush was able to to generate Normals maps from the high poly sculpt i had done in seconds and was no hassle.


I started using zbrush and i got to say that it was mush easier to learn than i thought and im happy that i used zbrush for my alien character.